Journey Location, directions and map

We are on the 1st floor of a 2-sleeved building in Fulda-Galerie (formerly Sickels-Army Airfield). On the ground floor of the building is the branch office of the Pestalozzi school.
The front door is located on the rear side of the building.
The journey is signposted.

Donate Your contribution to history

We have been collecting exhibits bit by bit for many years. We receive history to friendship with the Americans who were stationed in the Fulda, Bad Hersfeld and Bad Kissingen region. Several people have already participated in the initiative and have also become part of this large and interesting story.

Take part and become part of this project! Leave your name in this story – support the initiative with a contribution!


We want to open additional exhibition rooms


For what?

Our museum in Fulda now has too little exhibition space.

We are in building an additional exhibition area in Tann/Rhön. We acquired the building with around 600m². We are now to renovate the building.

We need help for this – every euro or US dollar counts.


How can I help?
With a financial donation (we are happy to issue a donation receipt for submission to the tax office):
  • In cash by a personal delivery in our Blackhorse Museum (Ernst-Barlach-Straße 6, 36041 Fulda. Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.)
  • By bank transfer to our account:

Blackhorse Museum Fulda e.V. IBAN: DE 98 5306 0180 0200 6741 25 BIC: GENODEFUL51

  • By PayPal