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Winfried Jäger

With our museum we keep alive the history and friendship to the Americans who were stationed in the region of Fulda. The tasks and the required training to fulfill the mission in the case of emergency. Though, we also document the whole daily life and the friendship which is grown in this way to the US-troops in the region of Fulda. We consider plenty of actions to which the American troops were on duty in order to help the communes, the cities and the population. It also belongs naturally to it the pushing of the loads of sports fields with heavy equipment. We naturally also consider stars whose stars have been rising in Fulda – so for example in sport SHAQUILLE O’NEAL called “Shag” he was US-superstar in basketball.

That’s enough to the actual stand of the museum. We are developing constantly further ourselves. At the moment, we turn over several projects. Two projects I want to state shortly. The first is the scientific series “US-troops in the region Fulda and so on”. The first title put in the year 2016 is “US Army in Schlitzerland – even Elvis was here”. The other titles of the scientific series are also fixed and are mentioned below. You are a time witness or want to take part in these scientific series? Then simply enjoy join us.

The other project is the structure of a museum street “US-Army in Germany” – beginning in Kaiserslautern and going on to many places in Germany. At the time, we are in negotiation with different authorities in order to safe corresponding objects. Granted it’s a long-lasting project but here you can take part as well.

We finance ourselves; our helpers are working on in an honorary capacity. You can support our work for example through a membership in our Förderkreis. The application you will direct find here by clicking the pdf Logos on this page. There are many possibilities. Now, I wish you pleasant hours when browsing through our museum.


Winfried Jäger